Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Flying High on a Bicycle

The originality and practicality of the Kolelinia idea of suspended bicycle lanes has won me over. I think it would be a useful idea for the boulevards of Tirana. To make the idea greener and more weather-friendly, the bicycle lanes could be given transparent roofs, and then bougainvillea, grape or kiwi arbors could be suspended over those roofs to provide shade in the heat of summer for the cyclists and vehicles below. If residents along the roads would like to reduce the visibility that cyclists have of second-floor balconies, more foliage could be grown along the sides of covered bicycle lanes. In high-traffic routes, two or more tiers of bicycle lanes could be suspended from support poles.
Such a project is likely only practical for wide boulevards, as suspended, covered bicycle lanes on small side roads would reduce light access to apartments and shops on such roads.
The project could be funded on the build-operate-and-transfer (BOT) model with per-use, monthly, or annual passes for users.

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